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143 :: loves you [Oct. 9th, 2010|09:01 pm]

my son turned a year old today.

i don't know how this happened. i don't know where the time went, only that it got away on me.

this time last year i wasn't entirely sure just how much my life was about to change. being given that small bundle of baby was the best. most challenging. most awesome. most God proving gift i'd ever been given.

there were times that i would look at my son and wonder how i'd ever lived life without him. while other times i wondered how i was supposed to survive with the lack of sleep. lack of patience. lack of sanity.

watching jaxon grow up this past year has been mind boggling. seeing him go from this little blob, so incredibly dependent on his parents for survival, to this little boy with wild curiosity and a personality all his own. it's the most wonderful experience of being a mother.

my son has, in these short twelve months, taught me more about life than i'd ever known. or that i'd forgotten. how to have a sense of humour over otherwise insignificant moments. how to find excitement in the smallest of experiences, or wonder in the simplest every day things. i hope he never loses big eyes when he sees something big and brand new.

i can't even begin to predict what to expect in the years ahead. but i don't doubt that there will be times of madness. times of struggles. and times of the most wonderful blessings.

mommy loves you, jaxon !
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142 :: in no time. [Oct. 2nd, 2010|08:56 pm]

last saturday we took jaxon to his first wedding. which was a bit of a risk with him. he's been especially vocal lately and hard to keep contained. in other words, he's been a fairly typical 11 month old baby boy. we packed him up and fortunately, since he'd been refusing to go down for his nap, he fell asleep on the short drive to the church. to our relief he remained sleeping through the entire service. he woke for the reception though. i think he can sense a party. he did fairly well for the most part. he was jumping on my chair and smiling at the girls sitting behind us. we left shortly once he was no longer containable and started crawling under the table at top speed.

it's been quite an active week for us. jaxon had his swimming lessons on tuesday&thursday where he refused to stay on his back float and attempted to eat wyatt and kali's toes. he's continuing to master submersion and picking up rings off the bottom of the pool. he'll be doing laps in no time.

on wednesday we met up with jasmine and her two month old downtown. after causing a lady to move a table further away from us in starbucks with our loud conversation about poopy diapers and the ups&downs of motherhood we went for a nice long walk by the lake. she's a very real and easy to be around type of person that makes the awkward and uncomfortable aspects of trying to make a new friend basically non-existent. it's great to be able to add another mum to the list of people i'm trying to get to know around here.

jaxon dances to everything. any music that comes on the tv. or from a toy. or when me or ryan sing something crazy. he's also learned recently to shake his head for "no". it's kind of neat to feel like we can finally communicate with him in this small way.

i wrote a few weeks ago about how jaxon had finally figured out how to stand up for a few seconds when i put him on his feet. a couple days ago he started doing this on his own. he spent a good ten minutes pulling himself into a stand for a few seconds at the time. laughing and clapping at himself along with me&ryan. we decided to see how far he could take this new found talent. me and ryan sat on the floor facing each other and attempted to get him to walk between us. HE DID. this week jaxon took his very first steps ! he's getting better at it each day we practice with him. i'm pretty confident that he'll be walking on his own in no time at all.

he's getting so big. it's really quite mind boggling.

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141 :: make him laugh. [Sep. 26th, 2010|10:09 am]

my parents came to visit over the weekend. it was fortunate because ryan had his big show in kumsheen as was going to be away all weekend. with jaxon still being sick i wasn't looking forward to having to spend that weekend otherwise alone. so it was convenient that they were able to make it down and it was a good time. jaxon recovered from whatever bug had been ailing him. by the end of the weekend he was back to eating normal food, just a bit less than normal, and managing to keep it down. to my huge relief. about a day later he picked up this rotten cough. which he's still got. poor boy. but aside from that he's back to being completely his wonderful self.

ryan's work schedule has made our lives a bit backwards for the past couple weeks. he's home with us in the mornings and we have the evenings all to ourselves. we've spent most of our time just playing around the house, and a visit with grandma robak. for the most part this schedule has been nice for the fact that jaxon gets to bed early and i get some much desired time to myself, but i'll be happy when things get back to normal.

we finally made it to swimming lessons ! which jaxon has thoroughly enjoyed. he loves being in the water, and being surrounded by four other babies doesn't hurt either. he especially enjoys the company of wyatt, they seem to like each other quite a bit. while jaxon loves playing in the water and doing most of the activities, he doesn't always love having to follow the rules. he'll go after the toys that are meant to teach him to kick and learn that kicking makes him move forward, but he won't actually move for them. he stays quite still and expects me to bring him where he wants to go. he'll stay in his back float for about two seconds before trying to turn over. but he loves putting his face under water and splashing around with his new friends.

he's finally mastered the straw ! i was extremely excited for him, as i tend to get when he hits any new achievement.

he has begun to use any object as a phone. glasses cases. old cell phones. remotes. he holds it up to his ear and i talk to him and make him laugh.

quite a baby.

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140 [Sep. 17th, 2010|10:10 pm]

over the past couple weeks jaxon has successful popped out two more molars. he now has a total of three broken skin. wild baby.

last thursday jessica,jordie&jackson came for a visit. we thoroughly enjoyed our time with them. on thursday afternoon while jordie was in penticton me&jess took the boys to value village to look at halloween costumes. we picked out buzz lightyear for jaxon and woody for jack. disappointed that they wouldn't be together on halloween, we dressed them up when we got back to the house. we have wonderful and extremely adorable boys. we went to a couple wineries and on a wine tour at mission hill. i was mostly glad when it ended because jaxon was completely uninterested in being there and chose that half hour to be the fussiest he was on the entire excursion. fortunately our boys had the courtesy to take turns being fussy rather than at the same time. on saturday we headed out to penticton and strolled around. we took the babies to the mall there and also to the dollar store where jess managed to spend an impressive amount on miscellaneous items. they headed back home on sunday.

on monday morning jaxon got sick. he fell, bumped his head, and started throwing up. i'm not a nervous mum, but when he bumps his head and reacts the way he did, even i'm going to get nervous. after we waited a bit to see how he was doing and he was still throwing up, we decided to take him to emergency and get him checked out. if nothing but for the peace of mind. the doctor there decided to keep us for a few hours on watch. jaxon was strangely docile and slept almost the entire time we were there. me&ryan found this a little unnerving but the doctors didn't seem concerned, we were sent home. once we finally got him awake enough i thought we should see if he'd take some lunch since he had nothing is his tummy. he'd only take his applesauce and immediately threw it up. we were still concerned so we decided to take him back down. the next doctor that saw him checked him a bit more thoroughly but sent us home with the same diagnosis. he figured jax caught some sort of bug and that the fall was completely unrelated to his illness. we left quite a bit more reassured after that visit. he seemed to get a bit better that evening and i figured he'd be better by the next day. he wasn't. he again threw up his bottle the next morning so i decided to get one more opinion and take him to our family doctor. she is wonderful and i knew she'd take any of my concerns very seriously. she did. she did more tests even then the other doctors, but came to the same conclusion. the fall was unrelated and he had a bug. she was mostly concerned with making sure jaxon got enough fluids. that evening me&jaxon went to ryan's parents for dinner while he was at work. he threw up what little solids he'd have, but seemed to keep down most of the fluids we gave him. it was encouraging to see him playing and behaving like his normal self while we were there. on wednesday he was keeping down bottles really well, and cereal as well. that evening my parents came out. thursday my mum felt concerned that he wasn't getting enough to drink, he wasn't taking his bottles as well at all, and in the morning and a bit in the evening he was acting very weak. i had a bit of a breakdown last night. i was getting scared by how long this sickness was sticking around and not being told exactly what it was or what i could do to help his recovery. but i figured if a fourth doctor opinion would help i'd go for it. this morning, however, he was very much himself. very playful and busy like he usually is. unfortunately he was still being stubborn about drinking but i was giving him bits of apple juice, bottle, gingerale, to try to keep him hydrated as well as yogurt and cereal to try to keep his tummy a bit fuller. hopefully by tomorrow he'll be regular with his feedings.

in short. being a parent is, at times, terrifying.

jaxon had to miss all his swimming lessons this week from being sick. i'm sad about it.

hopefully he'll be in tip top shape for next week.

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139 :: full of firsts. [Sep. 7th, 2010|01:36 pm]

i have fallen behind in my blogs. and am admittedly disappointed with myself for it. a lot has happened over the past couple weeks and i'm going to do my best to fill in what i haven't yet mentioned about all the things jaxon has been up to. and he's been busy.

last week ryan got told, last minute, that he was going to have to head out of town for work. which is my cue to pack up the babe and head to alberta. while we were there jaxon met new people that he hadn't before, mostly my friends from high school.

i found two more molars that are on their way to breaking skin. the beautiful thing about jaxon and his molars is that you wouldn't guess at all that he's teething aside from an increase in drool - a major increase. i'm excited about their appearance as to me it means a less likelihood of him choking on miscellaneous items he tosses into his mouth.

we went into london drugs and came across what i suppose you'd call a "rocking hippo" because i was definitely not a horse. jaxon fell somewhat immediately in love with said hippo and that was all it took for my dad to purchase it for him.

i went to stand jaxon up on the floor to play one of his favourite games. basically it involves me standing him up and him falling over. i catch him. this time he stayed standing up. all by himself ! i kind of freaked with excitement. he stood there for a few seconds and then slowly lowered himself down onto his knees. i made him stand several times again, of course. but to my dismay he never stayed up long enough for me to get a photo.

he also got his very first hair cut. i suppose more of a trim. his front swoop was getting a bit out of control so brody trimmed it down while jodie distracted him. it made a HUGE difference. his whole face looks a bit older and cleaner now.

he now has acquired an attitude, as well. laughing when we tell him "no" and heading straight for the places he knows he shouldn't be. pulling books off the book shelf and messing with the blinds. he screams when something he shouldn't be playing with gets taken away from him. i'm starting to be able to see some of the challenges that lay ahead for us as he gets older.

jaxon did really well on the flights to&from alberta. much better than i anticipated. on the way there he was tired and for the most part sat still and drank his bottle. he fell asleep the second we hit the landing strip in calgary. on the way back i was much more concerned because he showed no signs of wanting to be calm at all while we waited in the plane before take off. but the second the plane started to move, he passed out and stayed asleep the entire time. we arrived home to a very excited daddy.

that was our trip full of firsts.

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138 :: [Aug. 20th, 2010|09:47 pm]

it has been a very busy couple of weeks. which is the main reason i am doing yet another shared week blog update.

last week was spent mostly in preparation for the coming weekend which was the long awaited monkey party being held out in alberta on one of my aunts farms. my auntie ruth had been preparing for this for a year and i had been anticipating it since the first piece of mail that was sent for jaxon regarding it. we decided quite last minute on wednesday afternoon that rather than leave in good time the next morning we would instead leave as soon as possible once ryan was off work and spend the night in didsbury so we could see jess, emma&jackson for the thursday before meeting up with my mum that afternoon. we figured we'd get there in good time and as a bonus jaxon wouldn't be thrown off his sleep routine if we left later, he'd just sleep the entire way. and that he did. probably the only good thing that came of that trip. jaxon did manage to sleep with only one very brief awakening for the entire eight hour drive. unfortunately for reasons i don't quite understand we ended up taking an extra hour to get there, reaching the house at four in the morning. neither me nor ryan slept for a second that entire drive and we get there completely wiped out. jaxon, on the other hand, had a full nights rest and was ready to party. ryan went straight to bed and i spent the next hour or so chatting with jessica in the kitchen until i couldn't stay awake any longer. eventually jaxon managed to get back to sleep as well and we ended up getting maybe two-three hours of sleep.

considering we were dead tired and it was raining fairly heavily the next day, we didn't get up to much but had a nice relaxing morning with jess and emma and jack before we left around three to go to my auntie debbie's house for dinner. i love seeing that family. they are wonderful. and i enjoy it especially because i don't think anybody shows as much enthusiasm over jaxon as does my auntie debbie. she tends to make me excited about his existence and i see an awful lot of him. we had a delicious dinner and then had to head to airdrie where we were staying for the night in a hotel with my mum and chloe. we took chloe to the pool and read books and had a good full nights sleep.

the next day we stopped by crossiron mills. it had been significantly colder in alberta than i had anticipated and when we got there it was pouring rain and freezing. i had not packed for jaxon appropriately at all so i bought him a long pants one-piece outfit. something an adult would never get away with wearing, fortunately. jessica and jack met us there and we spent another hour or so wandering around before heading to three hills to stay with my grandparents for the night. jaxon and ryan went to bed early and i stayed up talking to my grandparents about my ancestry and looking at super old photographs. jaxon woke up screaming around two in the morning and was up for about an hour before finally falling back to sleep.

the next morning was the monkey party. almost my entire family on my dads side was there. my aunt made up shirts and shorts for all the kids and crazy hats for everybody. there were tons of games, all monkey related, and hand made goody bags for all the kids. it was a fantastic time. there are a LOT of young kids in that family. jaxon enjoyed himself so much he ended up falling asleep from all the excitement. we drove home to a mega-monkey mix of music. the oddest mix cd i've probably every listened to...

we spent the night again at my grandparents and then ended up leaving the next morning around nine or ten to head back home. we brought my mum back with us for a few days. the trip went smoothly and jaxon slept a good portion of it again and managed to not be too terribly cranky when he was awake. we didn't get up to too much this week, until wednesday when my auntie rachel&uncle brian came to town for the afternoon. we met up with them at their hotel and i was the proud mum of a very wonderful, and slightly abnormal for the better, little boy. he is the most trusting and comfortable baby i know. my uncle had never met him before but that didn't stop jaxon from loving him right away and being excited about my aunt even though he only met her once for a day. we don't get to see them enough, so it was really nice spending some time with them.

my mum left yesterday afternoon and things around here got back to normal. jaxon has managed to get back onto his sleep routine after our time away from home. he has this new game he plays where he goes up to a toy and chucks it around, then crawls to where he threw it, screams and chucks it again. it's quite a show to watch.

i found today his ninth tooth and first molar. he had been drooling up a storm this past week and everybody was saying how he had to be teething, turns out he has been. he hasn't been acting in pain or cranky from it yet but there's a tiny point showing through his gums. that baby is a teething machine.

he has figured out the concept of light switches. everywhere. the walls. the fridge. the dryer...

acch, i love that baby.

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137 :: it's been wonderful. [Aug. 7th, 2010|09:51 pm]

we had a really great long weekend. it started on friday when we headed to chilliwak, then followed by abbotsford on the saturday, for a big robak get-together. jaxon finally got to meet a ton of his relatives that he hadn't yet. he got spoiled with attention. we had a really nice afternoon at randy&jane's and a great time chatting with family. some that we hadn't seen in years.

we left abbotsford and headed to port moody that evening. we stayed the weekend at james&kinga's place. we love seeing them. it was especially nice since we got to see their daughter for the first time in forever. she's grown up so much and is walking and chatting and such a fun, energetic little girl. it was hugely entertaining watching her interact with jaxon, who was getting much to close to her toys for comfort. we spent the early part of sunday with james&kinga and meeting some of their friends. then we headed to the aquarium, quite confident that jaxon would be so enthralled we'd have a hard time getting him to leave. has he liked it, but not nearly as much as we had anticipated based on how much he loved the aquariums at the calgary zoo. the dolphin show kind of freaked him out and he got splashed in the face when we, foolishly, attempted to take him into a 4d movie. but he enjoyed seeing the fish and crawling around the kid center. after spending a few hours there we met up with justin, kate, ryan o' and his new girlfriend angie, for dinner. jaxon was passed around and enjoyed and behaved really well considering he was super tired and stuck in a high chair for a good portion of the time.

the next morning we left for home. we decided it was important that we stop at dinotown. since it was on the way, it was closing in september for good, and ryan had been there when he was very young and remembered the amazing place it was. i'm sure back in it's flinstone glory it was a terrific park. now that the new, generic dinosaurs have moved in , however, it was not quite so fantastic. we managed to spend a good amount of time there, though. we took jaxon in a bunch of the cars and on the dinosaur figures. we stuck him in a baby bouncy castle that he got to himself and had a difficult time convincing him to come out. he loved being able to fall over and not hurt himself. he also experienced a swing for the first time. he was so happy in it. he wouldn't stop smiling.

jaxon managed to sleep the entire three hours home after that.


this week has been dedicated to getting jaxon to learn how to sleep in his crib for naps and to go down for bed before 10:30. everybody i'd talked to said they used the cry it out method and that after a couple weeks their kids were good to go down on their own just fine. on tuesday i made it my plan to try that too. no good. jaxon managed to scream without ceasing for four hours. and my random check-ins just made him more furious. i finally gave up and took him out, assuming that after four hours of screaming he'd have to be hungry. i fed him his lunch and the instant i'd turned around to rinse out his dishes, he'd fallen fast asleep in his high chair. that baby.

when jaxon was about a month or two old my doctor recommended me a book that she said would be a life saver to me. for some reason i have not yet forgiven myself for i never went and got it. it's all about routine. not scheduling. it's more based on your babies cues and such for when he's hungry and tired, but how to make those times be generally the same every day. if that makes sense. it also doesn't believe in the cry it out method. which i don't either now, for jaxon, because it just doesn't work at all for him. he obviously feels some sort of anxiety or something when he's left alone. if i had read this book and learned what to do for a newborn baby, i wouldn't be having to do the frustrating method i'm left with now. for babies over four months that have not been in a routine before, and who don't sleep in their cribs at all or well, it's the "pick up, put down" method. basically you stand at their crib and if they cry, you pick them up. soothe them. the second they stop crying you put them back down. keep your hand on their back. but if they start crying again you pick them back up. and it pretty much continues in this back breaking cycle until they fall asleep. it's a lot of work and requires a significant amount more patience than i generally tend to have. but it works amazingly well. it teaches baby that you're there if he needs you, but that he has to go to sleep in his own bed. it's taken a different amount of time each attempt, from fifteen minutes to over an hour, but jaxon has not slept outside of his crib since we've been home. and as a result, i've had a lot more me time. and it's been wonderful.

any moms with new babies or who are having troubles with their babies sleep schedule, GET THIS BOOK. it's called "the baby whisperer" and it's by tracy hogg.

james and kinga let us borrow this fisher price walker toy to help teach jaxon how to walk. he loves playing with it, but it goes really fast on our hardwood floors. he mostly just walks really fast on his knees with it. instead he uses our high chair, which being heavier moves slower, as a walker and does really well at walking around the living room that way.

his favourite toys right now are books. any kind of book. he can be surrounded by all his flashy, bright, noise making toys, but he'll choose a book over any of them. and he listens so intently when you read one to him. as long as there's not too many words on a page, otherwise he'll interrupt you by trying to turn the page. my baby is brilliant.

now if he'd just give in and go to sleep...

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136 :: [Aug. 4th, 2010|01:45 pm]
ice cream

since we were away this past weekend i didn't get a chance to write about the previous week. this is that update and i'll catch up by writing again on friday/saturday about what is going on this week.

wanda came to visit ! it was brief, but wonderful. she was on her way back to edmonton with two of her friends after a wedding in abbotsford. we met at ihop for some lunch and then headed to the beach for a while before they had to head out. it was a nice visit and jaxon enjoyed seeing wanda again almost as much as i did. he loved mel&mo too. wanda decided it was a good idea to feed him ice cream. from a cone. he enjoyed it very much and got it everywhere. i think she was ensuring her place as his favourite of my friends.

after finding out that jaxon needs to gain a bit of weight, since he's a bit light for his age, i've been feeding him probably double what i had before at each meal. he takes the amount really well. i've also been trying to feed him food a bit chunkier, more age appropriate. he hasn't been a fan of it. it's been a bit of a challenge to find him good food that he doesn't gag on. but it's been getting easier. he is a huge fan of beef stroganoff. he likes pasta a lot, but is still not a fan of any food that has bits of potato in it. there's something about the texture of potato that he doesn't tolerate well.

he had a cough most of the week. his first real cough. it wasn't serious and has gotten much better. it came following a runny nose. this cold wasn't bad enough to upset his sleep though, so as rough as it was to try to wipe his nose with him dodging the kleenex, i was thankful that it wasn't worse.

we'd been debating getting him another stroller. yes. a third. one that was just a simple umbrella stroller and could fit into our car without taking up the entire hatch and without having to remove any wheels. we went for a very random stroll to zellers and found a winnie-the-pooh umbrella stroller on sale. it has ears. that was a major selling point for me. we also bought him a toy story beach towel that we figured would be a good investment to bring along for our trip in january. it's woody and it goes over him like a poncho with a cowboy hat hood. it's pretty terrific.

we learned what the trigger is for him to clap his hands. telling him to simply clap wasn't doing the trick. we realized that whenever we cheered for him he would smile big and clap his hands. now whenever we go "yay !" he claps. it's quite wonderful.

i'm excited because jaxon has become, finally, a fan of his car seat. if he doesn't instantly fall asleep in it, he sits fairly quietly playing with a toy or his toes or talks to himself. rather than his usual screaming that he tended to do before. it's a relief because he has become a much better traveller.

i hope i'm not forgetting anything. it's hard trying to remember everything from over a week ago. thus, i've started taking notes so my future weeks will be easier to write ! until next time,

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135 :: acting wild. [Jul. 24th, 2010|09:44 pm]

on sunday we got a surprise visit from brett. he happened to be in town so we met up with him downtown and went for a walk.

jaxon had his nine month doctors appointment. he's as healthy as can be. which is always nice to hear. but he could use a little more meat on his bones. he weighs in at 19.3lbs and 27" long.

while ryan was at work i decided it was too beautiful to stay indoors. i packed up jaxon and we went to the beach. i don't know that it was completely worth the hassle. kelowna becomes this chaos of tourists and it makes finding a space at the beach very difficult and traffic a nightmare. i think it took me about an hour to find a beach that i could park at. and then, the water was so cold. it hasn't been consistently warm enough here for the lake to be as warm at this time of year as it regularly is. we sat in it for a bit but then i just decided to let jaxon play on a towel in the sand in the warm sun instead. he loved it. he ate his cheerios. ate some sand. and generally stared in awe at all the assortment of people that were around us. ryan came from work for the last half hour and took jaxon back in the water for a bit before we headed home.

jordan had been wanting to have a barbeque at our house with shay one of these times she was down so on thursday we invited them up. we invited michael too. because we like him. it was probably the worst weather we'd had all week. it poured rain all afternoon. fortunately by the time they all showed up the sun was out, but so were the mosquito's. we roasted up our food and then headed indoors. jaxon enjoyed all the company, as he usually does. he likes it even more when it's people who love him and give him lots of attention. he decided to make a poopie in his exersaucer and when i came over to him it had squished out his diaper, down his pants, and into the bottom of his saucer where he was jumping all in it. ew. he had an unexpected bath after that mess. we played games until it got late. that's something we'll have to plan again. except we'll leave out the mess. i really enjoyed the company.

friday was absolutely gorgeous. i took jaxon out for a walk, expecting to make it only to the mail box as usual since jaxon doesn't generally enjoy being strapped up in his stroller. i don't know if he was just especially comfortable in there or if it was just so nice and warm that he was enjoying being outside, but he stayed quiet and we went on a nice long walk and got to enjoy the sunshine for nearly an hour. if i'm lucky he'll let us go again some time.

jaxon is a great baby. and he gets more fun and more interesting as he gets older. but he also is getting a lot more difficult. it's nearly impossible to change him now because all he wants to do is roll over on the table. he's the same way in the bath now, too. i have him on his back long enough for me to wash him, afterwards i let him sit up and splash around to his little hearts content. except he's got to the point where he has to be held down to be soaped up, and he hates it. as do i. i miss little jaxon who held still and was so cooperative... he's definitely been trying our patience. on a more positive note, he's back to sleeping through the night. to my relief. and the past couple nights he's been waking up closer to eight in the morning.

i should finish up. jaxon is acting wild. and in need of much attention.

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134 :: bobbing [Jul. 17th, 2010|10:28 pm]

we caught jaxon seeming to get the hang of clapping his hands. but only on a couple occassions and only on his own terms.

we took him swimming at grandma&grandpa robaks pool again. he enjoys it but mostly just wants to stick his face in the water. he has a little duck floaty there that he enjoys because he can just about slip out of it if we aren't watching close enough.

we spend a lot of the week cleaning up around the place. jaxon played in his exersaucer while i cleaned the house and enjoyed sitting in his highchair on the deck while i finally cleaned that up so it doesn't look like we don't care about our home. today we, once again, cleaned out the expansion so it doesn't look like a giant storage closet. jaxon roamed around seeing what he could get into. playing with a tennis ball and our rockband drumkit, among other things.

i've given in to the fact that jaxon is now a messy eater. and there's not much i can do about it. i got frustrated very easily when he first started slapping the spoon out of my hand and sticking his fingers in his mouth and then in his hair getting whatever he's eating in his hair. and then screaming when i had to try to wipe him clean.

his screaming has not gotten better, or worsened. he has taken to screaming when we go out now, though. so whether we're pushing him in a a cart or his stroller he can scream loud enough that everybody in the store can hear him. he got a interesting look from an old lady at one point. i think he was pleased with himself.

he found our file folder that was left beside our chair and slid it across the room up against the tv stand and climbed up on it. using it as a stair to get up onto the tv stand. something he has tried to do many times by raising his knee up but realizing he can't quite reach yet.

he's picked up some serious speed in the crawling department. while we were at the mall we stopped for lunch and let him out. we were sitting in the big squishy chairs and he was standing up against the little coffee table that was between us. then he started crawling around. we had his stroller blocking the space between the chairs where he could escape. but he's started to go onto his tummy to get under things and he managed to wiggle his way under the stroller. once on the other side he took off and ryan had to run to catch him. it's almost as though he tasted freedom for a minute there.

he loves his jolly jumper. but not so much the musical mat we have that goes underneath it. it's supposed to that when he jumps on the different spots of the mat it makes different noises. but when he'd jump, he'd hear the noise and pick up his feet so he was sort of bobbing over top of it without letting his feet touch the ground.

we got his sears pictures back today. they turned out so great. 

well. time for bed. 

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